Sunday, 23 October 2016

A brief moment somewhere else

 I have to say that it is becoming quite difficult to blog about Hookery because of a Most Special Project that we have just finished and that will be officially, and I mean most officially, unveiled next week! We are sworn to secrecy until then by Heather Boss.
 So, in the meantime, imagine some pleasant music like the stuff they played while we watched the Gallery on that art programme with Morph. We were at my house last week. Catherine, among the many other quite wondrous things she is making for the lucky children in her sphere, is working on the Hungry Caterpillar.
 If I could find the wool I would be fixing the holes that are lamentably appearing in the blanket I made for my mother's birthday a mere year and a half ago. Moving swiftly on... a word on frogging. Catherine is here frogging a cardigan with which she is not entirely pleased. Niqi, however, is working on a beauty of a shawl, a covetable piece, for which she hasn't had quite enough wool, and so has frogged other less precious things to finish. Sometimes the end result is worth the wait- and the wait will soon be over!

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