Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Shiny, happy people

 What a really gloriously warmly lovely night we had at Niqi's tonight. We thronged around her kitchen table and talked and talked and talked- and did some yarn stuff too. We were sadly missing Heather Boss, but we hope she'll be back from the Wilds of the Coast soon!
 Regan was with us tonight, and Leigh. Fantastic to see you x And we ate and ate and ate. I promised myself that I wouldn't, but I did! Just as well I've ripped that tank-top panel out to be made wider!
 We came from overseas to do some hooking tonight! Judith, you are becoming a regular! Debbie too! And Helena who is no longer of BB- oh it all bodes most well!
A break for a week next week will see us back in St Pat's to celebrate Gillian. All final replies to party invites by the weekend, please, which will just leave time to organise frocks, tiaras and carriages! I may need a fairy godmother... It's a very exciting summer!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Happy Hookday

 School's out for summer, and Hookery is off on its holidays! Check the side bar for holiday hooking spots over the summer. I'm not always about still at this time of the year, but clearly if you host a Hookery the night before your birthday you shouldn't be as surprised as I was at great generosity and sheer culinary prowess.
 Thank you, Niqi, for the rose cake. Thank you, Debbie, for coming to join us, and my goodness we are looking forward to your night in September. I will confess that the idea of spending a night on decopatch terrifies the life out of my comparatively limited creative abilities, but your beautiul work is very inspirational!
 Always back to work eventually. Blanket components for Hombolo being laid out on the floor and considered. Fabulous crochet tops. A piece of magical whimsy in pink gossamer.
And oh the food. The food, the foodies, the fed! Thank you for my Happy Hookday x