Wednesday, 30 July 2014

All good things...

 Perhaps if contextualised by the gentle art of hookery the notion of all good things coming to an end is not quite as wistful as generally thought. Here is a very good thing come to an end and off soon to a one-year old in France. He'll be cosy, and his onlookers rapt with a piece of real Irish Aran! Made by Catherine.
 Made for Catherine. A not professionally good thing that Mags has been working on for Catherine's birthday- the 2013 birthday. The Crochet pattern was ready in time, but it took a year and a month to sort the sewing. (Thanks, Dorothy, for giving up a whole evening to sort me out and Happy Two Birthdays, Catherine!)
 Made by Catherine for Rowan. Catherine's working-at-the-Edinburgh-festival-and-we-are-jealous son turned 21 recently, and Catherine made him socks. Encouragingly for tardy bag makers, one sock was ready for his birthday.
 Now they are both ready, but they just haven't quite made it to the Festival yet. We're pretty sure he will when they do.


  1. Well done on all the completed projects. I love the look of the lining fabric in the bag [confession - I have a bag which has been hooked but not lined since last summer! I really must line it and affix the handles...] That cabled aran is brilliant. Is it really almost two years since I was with you all at Hookery. How time flies!

  2. I love the Aran jumper, very cosy. The tags in the socks are great too. Amanda x

    1. Thank you, Amanda x Catherine's sock tags are gorgeous!