Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tutti Frutti

At last... my squaring the circle blanket is completed. I followed the pattern as for Sunset Boulevard.
It was easy to follow. Well done Heather for converting the 'American crochet terms' I made 24 squares. 6 x 4, and added a few rows of border. Thanks also to Heather for the suggested name.

Ready to start.

The first few squares.

A few more......

 Laid out. Joining commenced...

....and continued.

And finished


  1. Gorgeous. I love this - and the mathematical ideas behind it. Sunday blessings xx

  2. Wow! Absolutely fantastic and fast work too. I love the colours and the 'twirly' 4th picture down.

  3. That's very gorgeous indeed. Love the spiral photo! You continue to be my Guru Patricia!