Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roses are red ....

Last night we had a Valentines' themed night.  As you can imagine there were lots of hearts.  I threw down the gauntlet only yesterday morning to see who could produce, at short notice, anything on a red/heart/Valentine theme, and as usual I wasn't disappointed.  There were shortbread hearts, Love Heart sweets, a tin of luxurious chocs, heart-shaped balloons, a red rose and some red carnations along with some hearts scattered across the table.  Oh, and of course, a scented candle or two.

We did get on with some woolly business too.  Queen Niqi is well underway with her project of a pair of socks per month and Lorrie is piecing together a beautiful baby blanket while Leigh is making a mint green baby's cardigan for a very special delivery.
Guru Patricia was baffled by her new 'fluffy' wool seen below and eventually had to abandon it for something a little more normal.


  1. What fun you all had. I am trying not to envy that gorgeous lidded wicker basket! xx

  2. Happy Valentine's, all! Hope you're all well fed by Cottage cooking husbands!