Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hombolo hookery

Just wait to you see these pictures.

The blankets and teddies were all packed up and made their way with Grace, Matt and Ricky to Tanzania, to the village of Samaria on the outskirts of Hombolo.  Vacu-bags are a wonderful invention!

The ladies were thoroughly delighted with their gifts.


One Hookit donated knitting needles and wool which were also taken.  The photos show Grace teaching the ladies and children how to knit, without many words of English passing between them.  Isn't that just amazing?

The menfolk also took to knitting and apparently one man, Thomas on the right, was knitting away whilst chatting and looking round him but still producing quite a creation.


Here is a little child just getting so much enjoyment from looking at the colourful pictures without being able to understand a single word.

Here are some of the pillowcase dresses before they were packed to go and one picture with the little girl who will be wearing it.

Thanks once again to all who contributed.


  1. So exciting to see everything there safely - and one of the bags we made with its new owner! and Grace passing on the knitting skills too xx

    1. Angela, I can't see the bag. Which photo is it in?

  2. This is fabulous, guys. Thanks for bringing home the pictures x