Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hombolo Handover

The 'Hookery Three'
Hombolo team and honorary ' MC' Mags
Tonight's Hookery saw the handover of various creations to Ricky, Grace & Matthew, who will be bringing them out to Hombolo on Saturday 19th October.

Comments had been made that in previous years the male residents of the village had benefitted greatly from the visit, and perhaps it would be nice to do something more for the ladies. Well Angela started the whole thing off with a beautiful crocheted blanket and followed this up with patchwork bags from her sewing group.  Other ladies provided blanket - Helena, Heather Boss and Queen Niqi.  Then some baby hats and teddies were provided too.  Leigh came along with some 'pillowcase dresses' for young girls which were so beautifully made.

Grace, Matthew and Ricky were very surprised by the huge amount of handmade garments we have gathered for their trip.   They also remarked on the amount of detailed work that had gone into each piece of work.

Bon voyage to our three travellers but also to the whole group of 12 from Northern Ireland who have gone out.

And teddy went too


  1. What a wonderful selection of stuff for the team to take out! May these items bring as much blessing to the recipients as they did to those of us who crafted them xx