Friday, 17 January 2014

Hookit or what? Insult or humour?

I saw this on the Crochet Crowd blog the other day and had a laugh.  Some people take themselves far too seriously ....  We like to be called Hookits when we meet (in a Church Hall) but have no qualms about being called the slightly ruder variation ... 

Let me know what your thoughts are on being called a Hookit, a crocheter or other.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Throw alike

During the summer of 2013 Helena appeared at Hookery with a brightly coloured picture of a pattern for a throw.  The gauntlet had been thrown into the playing field and, of course, we rose to the challenge.  The original pattern came from Let's Knit and can be seen here in lovely shades of sea blues:

Helena's super chunky yarn version, completely made from scraps of wool, looked like this, and it could be known as 'Tanzania' as it went out to Hombolo in October 2013

Queen Niqi created Pebbles for herself and Violette as a Christmas present, both in double knitting. Although Pebbles has been appropriated by Ann & Blanco!  Blanco is trying to be incognito at the bottom of the left-hand picture ....

Then my own chunky seasonally-coloured version, Noelle, appeared in time for Christmas.  Noelle measures 5ft X 4.5ft and is really snug and warm.  Looking at this photo, I think it could do with a bit of technical 'blocking' to get it onto the straight (if not the narrow!).

This was followed by Slane in wonderful shades of red, turquoise, cream and black and was crocheted using double knitting and lives with my friend in the midst of the scenic Mourne Mountains, County Down.  This friend would love to be a Hookit but distance determines that she can't really join our group.

And now Muted Mania is on the hook, ably assisted by a young feline who loves wool of all descriptions, textures and colours and who is, allegedly, testing the Tog rating of the throw in this pic!

And all from the same pattern - how creative!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

Belated greetings for the New Year from Freezey and myself. Welcome reminder for me that sometimes I do start and finish projects in a decent timeframe! I think the spur of my younger son is what's missing in other things...
Voila my husband's Christmas present. Probably slightly ambitious on my part to begin it two Sundays before Christmas and think it will do for Christmas, that same year... He did receive it on Christmas morning, in a lovely gift bag, with needles and yarn still firmly attached. I thought I would make good progress with the need for secrecy removed, and aimed for New Year. Now I'm frantically determined to have it done by the Twelfth Day of Christmas, which gives me the weekend. Two cables to go- onward!